Revive Worship Team

Leader Name: Angel Mosley                                                                    

The Music Ministry provides worshippers with the opportunity to lead people into the presence of the Lord under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We provide an avenue of worship through music where we seek to help people progress on their journey from walking in the door to a place where they encounter God in a meaningful way. We seek to create an atmosphere in which people can be led by the Holy Spirit into an encounter with God. Membership on the Praise Team (in any way) is a position of Christian leadership.

DUCC Communications

Leader Name: DaNae Peterson                                                                  

The DUCC Communications Team (DUCComm) is responsible for providing Clear, Concise, and Consistent Communication of the Gospel and the DUCC Brand. We desire to utilize revived and activated lives to communicate the needs and vision of leadership and service at DUCC. This team is open to all interested in graphic design, social media, photography, website/app managing, and set design.

Production Team

Leader Name: Nathaniel Parrott Sr.

Creating and producing the atmosphere for our worship space is the role of the production team.  The amazing sound, video and lighting which allows worshippers to connect with our King without distractions is due to the hard work behind the scenes from this amazing team.  If you are interested in the production side of the worship experience, come join our team and help others worship through what is created, maintained and run by the production team at DUCC.

Hospitality Team

Leader Name: Jessica Williams                                                                    

The Hospitality Team supports the mission and vision of DUCC by creating an atmosphere where people feel a sense of belonging, experience a home away from home, and find an opportunity to serve the church and community. Through selfless service, kind generosity, and a hospitable heart – our ministry delights in serving through food & catered events, gifts, family outreach, as well as pastoral and guest care.  We know “There is no meeting, if there is no eating!” 

Prayer Team

Leader Name: Lynette Ellis

Our team considers it an honor and privilege to serve individuals and the church community through prayer. We have the opportunity to hear the issues and concerns on the hearts of people at DUCC and stand together with them in prayer. If you enjoy communicating with God and have a passion for intercession this team is for you.

Administration Team

Leader Name: Cynthia Mosley                                                                 

Did you know that organization and communication are vital gifts to the body of Christ? The administration team works with members, leaders and the community to help our church operate in excellence. As the behind-the-scenes team with a visible ministry to the church, We seek to strategically help individuals move from visiting –to attending –to family.  If you love people & find joy helping others connect to DUCC and find their God-given purpose, or, have a passion for organizing, planning and systems then, come join us as we help each person find their place of service in our church body



First Impressions

Leader Name: Laleta McCrea

What could be more fun than being the first impression every visitor and family member sees as they enter our home space?  We seek to show the love, joy and care of Jesus to everyone entering our space as we safely direct and guide individuals to a parking space and on to our Worship Center, and then leave empowered (safely) to change the world for Jesus. First Impressions includes our ushers, greeters, and parking attendants.

Flow (Dance) Ministry

Leader Name: Avis Foster                                                                 

F.L.O.W – the Father Loves Our Worship
As a ministry of dance our team gives a visual representation of what God is speaking to his people as well as visually displaying what we desire to say to God.  We recognize that dance was used in the bible to shift atmospheres and influence people.  We strive to use our God given authority to do the same as we minister through dance. 


Safety Team

Leader Name: Roger Glick
D.U.S.T. (Divine Unity Safety and Security Team) exists to help ensure a safe environment for all persons attending service as well as the safety and security of the staff! Our team is dedicated to “Put On The Full Armor Of God” Ephesians 6:11 to protect not only the physical but the spiritual. We pray for greater peace during your time at DUCC.


Maintenance Team

Leader Name: Jumar Peterson

How blessed are we to have such a wonderful facility to gather in and worship our King?  Our team seeks to maintain a home-like, inviting environment that embraces our motto, “Welcome Home.”  All family members have chores and cleaning house is one chore that every member is expected to participate in.  Every Saturday we meet to worship our King through maintaining His house.  Don’t miss this time of worship!

49ers Ministry

Leader NameValarie Ghant
The 49ers is a life group for those 45 and older. Our purpose is two fold: First, to provide fellowship, support and spiritual growth for these members as they journey through the challenges and joys of midlife and beyond; Second, to be a support to the needs of DUCC as opportunities arise, drawing from our own life experiences and wisdom.