3rd Annual Prayer Walk

DUCC will be hosting our 3rd annual prayer walk on Saturday, April 14.  The theme is ‘Prayer Shield.’  We will meet at strategic locations around the community, places of education, commerce and government, at 10:00am to form a prayer shield around the city.  Then we will meet corporately at City Hall at 11:00am.  We will walk and pray together from City Hall to Court Square.  It will be a great time of prayer, worship and the Word.

Prayer Shield Locations

Meet at 10:00am at one of the locations below. Look for the Prayer Shield Banner at each location!. 
  • Campus:
    • JMU (Roy Boyd, Captain) – At the quad
    • EMU (Gabriel Kreider, Captain) – In front of the fountain at the Campus Center 
    • Bridgewater  (Stephen Howard, Captain) – At the McKinney Center
  • Community:
    • RMH (Rob Buchanan, Captain) – Open field to the right of the main entrance
    • 182 Neff Ave (Lynette Ellis, Captain) – In front of old DUCC location (the plaza with Sushi Jako)
    • Boys & Girls Club (Jumar Peterson, Captain) – At the school steps
    • Harrisonburg High School (LaLeta McCrea, Captain) – Flag pole