Welcome Home!

It is our priority to make sure that you are safe and healthy when you worship here with us. To do that, we have created a touchless service. A touchless service means that our Cafe and DUCC Store will not be open for food, drink or merchandise services. We will not be passing offering baskets, but we have online giving available. For general admission, please register for one service per Sunday that you would like to attend. If you are no longer able to attend a particular service, please cancel your reservation.

What to expect


When are your services?

Services are held at 8:30am and 10:30am and 12:30pm by registration only. Children’s ministry is only available during our Second and Third services (10:30am & 12:30pm) for ages 3-17. The Children’s wing bathroom, and rooms will be available nursing mothers and for any child who needs a quick break. Service at 10:30am will be available online for anyone desiring to stay home for worship.


How will we control the number of people in attendance ?

With the current social distancing guidelines, we are planning to seat 250 people in the auditorium at any one time. We will provide an online registration system to ensure an equitable distribution of seating.

What entrances and exists should I use when I arrive?

When you arrive you will be directed by a member of the Parking Team to the main parking lot.  Please follow the stop and go signs to know when to come into the building.The main front doors will be propped open for entering and exiting the building. A member of our Welcome team will greet you at the door to  confirm your registration for service. Please note that we will not be using any other door entrances.

Will restrooms be available?

Yes, restrooms will be available for use and will be cleaned regularly throughout service.

What safety measures can I expect to see when I arrive?

Our safety measures include the following: having all main doors propped open to enter and exit, ample hand sanitizing stations throughout the building, regularly scheduled sanitizing of all meeting areas and restrooms, organized seating and dismissal procedures, and staff in place to ensure a safe and enriching worship experience. All staff, greeters and ushers will have on face masks.

What cleaning and precautionary measures are being taken to ensure the safety of everyone?

All areas will be sanitized before and after use, including restrooms, door handles, and hand contact surfaces. Ample hand sanitizing stations will also be placed throughout the building. In order to ensure best practices for safety, we have also revised our protocols for receiving offerings (online only) and for taking communion. At the end of the service, we will dismiss by rows. After everyone has been dismissed our staff will go through and sanitize every high touch surface in the church building.

How will we maintain social distance during service?

The seating in the sanctuary has been adjusted to guarantee social distancing between each party in attendance. With our seating schematic, we do not have the flexibility to allow people to sit “where they want to sit.”  Please be mindful to follow the instructions of the ushers and sit where you are guided to sit. Our staff will assist in the seating and dismissing of rows to manage foot traffic in a manner that safely models social distancing.

Are facemasks required to be worn when in the church building?

In accordance with a state executive order issued by the Governor on May 29, everyone will be required to wear masks when not on stage (excluding children 4 and under). Masks should be worn from the moment entering in the building to the moment you leave.  We will have disposable masks for those who might’ve forgotten available at the wellness table when you come into the building.  If you are not comfortable wearing a mask throughout your time in the building, please continue to participate in our online worship experience at home.

How should we greet one another?

We will continue to practice social distancing in our greeting protocols.  However, our new DUCC Greeting will be “I love you” in sign language.  Let’s make this a new part of how we say welcome home family in this new season. Please remember to keep a distance of 6ft between you and others before, during, and after service.  Please avoid all physical contact.  If you are not comfortable distancing or greeting in this manner, please continue to participate in our online worship experience at home.

How do I know if I should worship from home?

We want you to feel the freedom to worship with us according to your measure of faith, grace, and personal circumstances, whether in-person or online. However, we realize that the current protocol for meeting in-person reduces the number of people who can worship with us at any given time. We encourage worshipping from home, and we will continue to offer a rich online presentation and experience. As mandated by the Governor, no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure (unmasked, within 6ft) to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, is permitted in the building.  If you fall into this category, please continue to participate in our online worship experience at home.

How can I help?

If you would like to serve in this season, please visit our “ministries” page to find more information about getting plugged in: www.ducchurch.org/ministries.

How can I give?

Here is a link that you can use for your tithes and offerings. This will allow your worshipful giving and our care for our community to continue uninterrupted : www.ducchurch.com/give