Gabriel Kreider





Every Nation Campus Missionary

Gabriel David Kreider is a native of Harrisonburg, VA. 
My sophomore year of college I was radically changed by the love of Christ working through my ENC community and received the call to full-time campus ministry. After four more years of college and witnessing God move on my behalf, I graduated from James Madison University ready to embark on the call I received as a sophomore – to be a missionary on college campuses.
My desire is to engage, establish, equip and empower students with the power of the Gospel. It is the vision that God has given me to build up the body of Christ by creating an atmosphere that provides opportunities to grow in the Lord and create disciples. I know that God can have the same impact on others like he had on me in college, and the ripple effect of the impact will be enormous. I am just a small part of God’s big plan for humanity and I am deeply honored to be a vessel of the love of Christ on campus.