What’s Your Why Information


We will have church planters coming in to preach throughout my Sabbatical, and it is my hope that they can share a sermon that will be testimonial, and help people discover their “why?” We want some people to GO, and want some people to START!


People are looking for purpose and meaning, and many people have lost hope because they don’t have purpose and meaning.  Part of your spiritual growth process is living a life maxed out by intimacy and mission.  God will fuel you for what HE has called you to.  When you are walking in your why, you will experience: “It’s not by might, nor my power, but by His Spirit!”




Calendar of Events
Sun.,Aug. 11-Sun. Sept.1:
21 Day Fast
Alexandria Interest Meeting
Fri., Aug. 16:
Momentum Service (Alexandria)
Wed., Aug. 21:
Momentum Service (DUCC)
Sat., Aug. 24:
DUCC Richmond Interest Meeting 
Wed., Aug. 28:
Momentum Service (DUCC)
Sat., Aug. 31:
Prayer Walk
Mon., Sept. 2:
Back to School Skate Party
Wed., Sept. 4:
Fri., Sept. 6:
Engine Resumes
Fri., Oct. 4: