DULI is the leadership development institute of Divine Unity Community Church. DULI Exists To Ignite Global Revival By Equipping Leaders To Maximize Their Potential and Multiply Churches.

Our Mission

Maximize leadership potential in churches and communities

With a 2-year commitment to this program taught by exceptional instructors, we desire to see leaders increase their spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and volitional capacity, thus being equipped for kingdom advancement. DULI also our leadership pipeline for our mission of seeing revived lives, active to glorifying God.

biblical Understanding

Graduates will build a strong foundation of biblical understanding. They will demonstrate an aptitude for accurately dissecting the scriptures and applying sound doctrine.

inspiring character

Graduates will display inspiring character that is committed to honesty, surrendered to the continuous transforming work of the Holy Spirit, has an awareness of weaknesses, humbly submits to godly community, and is willing to do right even at high personal cost.

spiritual vitality

Graduates will prioritize spiritual vitality by valuing their relationship with Jesus more than success. They will give evidence of Christ’s Lordship in their thinking and conduct as well as demonstrating a regular pattern of connecting deeply with Him.

healthy relationships

Graduates will be able to identify and implement the keys to building and maintaining healthy relationships. Whether it is a spouse, parent, child, family member, or friend, our students will never sacrifice those who matter for the advancement of their personal ambitions.

clear sense of calling

Graduates will demonstrate a clear sense of calling and understanding that every vocation is sacred and missional when chosen by and submitted to the leadership of Jesus.

dynamic leadership

Graduates will develop dynamic leadership skills through a deep understanding of their unique strengths, gifting, and personality. They will have a high capacity for motivating themselves and others towards a clear, compelling vision and utilizing wisdom in decision making.

What We're Teaching


What makes DULI different from other leadership institutes? Well there's a lot, but here are the main ways.

Identification - We Believe That Learning Starts with Discovery

Instruction - We Believe That Great Leadership Is Grounded In Biblical Truth

Impartation - We Believe That Leadership Development Is Uniquely Relational

Internship - We Believe That Education Should Not Just Be Informative But Experiential

Meet The Leadership Team

DULI team

Meet the leadership team that makes DULI possible.

Dr. Chris Johnson
DULI President & Pastor
Cherelle Johnson
Jennifer Testa
Coordinator of Faculty
Cody Kelley
Coordinator of Students
Allison Stefancin
Administrative Assistant | Cohort Representative
Kristi Doubet
Program & Practicum Experience Coordinator