We Disciple to See Revived Kids Active to Glorify God

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We Disciple to See Revived Kids Active to Glorify God

“And I will pour out My Spirit and My blessings on your children. They shall thrive like watered grass, like willows on a riverbank.” -Isaiah 44:3-4

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I register my kids for service?

To register your 2-9 year old child for Sunday service, please click here: DUCKs Registration

Registrations close weekly on Thursdays at midnight. Afterwards, families are added to the waitlist, and are asked to check availability on Sunday morning 15 minutes prior to service. Thanks for your patience as we are rebuilding our team and endeavoring to keep everyone safe!

What classrooms are available during a Sunday Morning Service?

  • Nursery - Space for parents with children under 2
  • Totsville - 2 year old class
  • Adventure Island - 3-4 year old class
  • Discovery Bay - 5-6 year old class
  • The Junction- 7-9 year old class
  • Preteens- 4th-5th grade class [2nd service only]
  • Youth- Each Sunday from 5-7pm. A meal is served on 2nd Sundays of the month.

Who are the people working in the Kids’ Wing?

Each member of our Children & Youth team is dedicated to helping your child get to know God and grow together with others. Every volunteer has gone through an application process, interview, and background check before they join the team. Our team also conducts regular trainings so you can know that your child is being looked after by responsible and attentive leaders.

How do I check-In my children?

Our Check-In desk opens 15 minutes prior to the start of service. If it is your first time visiting our Kids’ Wing, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes earlier so we can greet you, register your family, and answer any questions you may have.

At the Check-In desk, each registered child will receive a name tag, and parents a corresponding label. The corresponding label must be presented when picking up your child after service.

What is your policy on Sickness?

If your child has had a fever, diarrhea, vomiting, ear infection, rash, or any other contagious illness in the past 24 hours, please refrain from checking your child into DUCKs. This is for the health and wellness of each person in the Wing. If you are unsure, please speak with the Check-In attendant.

What is my child learning?

Pre-K & Elementary: Our current curriculum is called The Gospel Project for Kids. We are journeying through the Bible, and are currently in the New Testament. Click here for the link to the Scope and Sequence.


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